New feature - Thanks

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New feature - Thanks

Postby Administrator » Wed Mar 13, 2013 1:52 pm

We have just introduced a new feature on the forums - the ability to say 'thanks' to users for their posts.

The thanks system is a way to show you like someones post. In the upper right hand side is now a thumbs up icon (you won't see one above this post as it is an announcement :( ) just click it on the posts you like. The points are for fun but it should show over time those who post the most interesting/useful topics.

There are also 'thanks' ratings for posts and these are calculated as follows (I am quoting the notes here!):

Rating is built on a number of thanks for the posts. For 100% rating is the highest number of thanks for post (leader). Rating the remaining posts is defined as a percentage of the ranking leader.

For example, the maximum number of thanks for post #1 = 10. This is 100%. Then post #2 with 5 thanks will have a rating of 50% (10/5). Post #3 with 3 thanks will have a rating of 33,3% (10/3), etc.
If the post #1 will receive another thanks (10 +1 = 11), his rating will remain 100% (as leader). Rating post #2 is 45.5% (11/5), rating post #3 is 27.3% (11/3).

Position ranking is determined by the number of thanks. Topics rating is made up of the sum of the topic's posts thanks. Forum's rating is made up of the sum of the forum's posts thanks.

To see the the rankings of posts and topics - log in and you will see a 'Thanks Toplist' next to the Logout link. Similarly to see who has thanked/been thanked click the 'Thanks List' link.

Hope this all makes sense!

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